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Inheritance & Gift Tax


Gift tax is charged on taxable gifts taken on or after 28 February, 1974, and Inheritance Tax is charged on taxable inheritances taken on or after 1 April, 1975. An inheritance is a gratuitous benefit taken on a death and a gift is a gratuitous benefit taken otherwise than on a death.

The tax is charged on the taxable value of the gift or inheritance.

Once the taxable value of the gift or inheritance has been determined the amount of tax payable will depend on whether the appropriate tax-free threshold has been exceeded. The rates of tax are as follows-

  • The threshold amount – Nil
  • Excess 33%

Gifts or inheritances of Irish property are liable to tax whether or not the disponer is resident or domiciled in Ireland. Foreign property is liable to tax where either the disponer or the beneficiary is resident or ordinarily resident in Ireland at the relevant date.