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Grant of Probate / Grant of Administration

A solicitor can be extremely helpful in assisting the Executor(s) in administering the estate of a deceased  .

When a person has died leaving a Will, it is the duty of an Executor to make application to the High Court Probate Office to extract a Grant of Probate. This is in effect the legal authorisation to administer the Will.

Where a deceased has left no Will, the next of kin can apply to the High Court Probate Office for a Grant of Administration. This is again a legal authorisation to administer the estate of the deceased in accordance with the terms of the Succession Act.

Arising out of the distribution of the estate there may be tax implications for beneficiaries. Again in certain instances the Revenue Commissioners will require the submission of a return by the beneficiary. This form is in effect a self-assessment form which the beneficiary is obligated to return and which calculates the tax owed by them. Again we will help you with the preparation and submission of this form.